Opening Day Reminds Me My Sons Are Cardinals Fans, Which Always Makes Me A Little Sad

Every opening day for me feels like the equivalent of a national holiday. That day when Eli comes into the room and says “Hey Dad! Cardinals are playing.” Because within that declaration of the return of the Great American Game, there is a tinge of sadness that rings through for me. My sons are St. Louis Cardinals fans.

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Welcome to the Ozarks Independent!

Welcome to the newest news source in the Ozarks!

We’re happy to bring you the Ozarks Independent, or as we call it when we’re emailing each other, the OI.  Our goal is to bring you a hyper-locally focused news source for the Ozarks.

The President does something crazy? Won’t see it here. Speaker of the House isn’t from southwest Missouri? No stories on their latest antics. There are more than enough national news sources out there to cover them. We’re locally focused.

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