Lawn Art with Neighbors Returns for 2021

Lawn Art with Neighbors, which encourages Springfield residents to create works of art for your front lawn, is returning in 2021.

L.A.W.N.’s city-wide public art exhibit is “focused on connecting our vibrant community.” Organizers say the event want to “empower public art” to contribute to the city’s “sense of place.”

“Springfield is a wonderful community filled with creative and active people of all ages,” L.A.W.N. Co-Founder Shauna Smith said in a statement. “L.A.W.N. aims to showcase and celebrate that creativity in every neighborhood, from one lawn to another.”

The organizers released a list of dates connected to the event:

April 16: Participation Form due for guaranteed virtual map placement. 

April 23 – May 8: L.A.W.N. public viewing 

April 24: International Sculpture Day. Post photos of you working on your artwork on social media using #ISDay2021 and #LAWNSGF. 

May 7: First Friday Art Walk

May 8Official end of L.A.W.N. events. 

May 9: Feel free to take down your artwork at your convenience. If your work adheres to your neighborhood association policy, leave it up indefinitely.

L.A.W.N. was started in April 2020 as a response to the COVID-19 lockdown, as a way to encourage art-making as a way to improve mental health during the stay-at-home order. Over 65 front lawn art installations were placed as part of the 2020 event. Some participants in apartment complexes made displays for their porches or balconies to participate.

If you want to participate in L.A.W.N. 2021, visit their website or mail