Godejohn Seeks Setting Aside of Conviction in Blanchard Murder

The man convicted of killing Dee Dee Blanchard in 2015 is asking a court to set aside his convictions in a “post-conviction relief” filing.

Nicholas Godejohn’s attorneys have filed for “post-conviction relief,” aimed at having a judge set aside the criminal case that resulted in his conviction on first-degree murder and a sentence of life in prison for the murder of Dee Dee Blanchard.

“Post-conviction relief motions are routinely filed by defendants who are convicted at trial and whose convictions are upheld on appeal,” Greene County Prosecutor Dan Patterson told OI. Patterson said that he and first assistant Nathan Chapman will be handling any PCR responses for the County.

Former Missouri House Speaker and attorney Tim Jones told OI that these filings are just the typical process for a defense attorney and that it would be malpractice to not at least file the motion for relief.

“They’re also not usually successful,” Jones said, noting they have to claim they were poorly represented by their lawyers, his sentence of life in prison exceeds the maximum possible for the crime, or even that his sentence is somehow unconstitutional.

OI attempted to reach Godejohn’s attorneys Jenny Young and Valerie Leftwich for comment but were unable to do so by press time.