Investigation Underway of Police Handling of Incident Recorded on Video

An internal affairs investigation is being conducted by Springfield Police after a man posted a video to YouTube and Reddit claiming he was assaulted by police officers.

In the video recorded on November 26, Terry Rucker states he drove past a location and thought he saw police officers, so he parked his car, and walked to the location so he could film police.

Rucker walks several blocks to the on West Elm, noting that he didn’t hear any report on a scanner about the incident indicating he had been monitoring police, and that he thought he saw lights on the police cars earlier but could have been mistaken.

Rucker records officers from a distance, and then approaches an officer in his vehicle, demanding to know what was happening in the situation. The officer informs Rucker that everything is fine, and Rucker walks away.

An officer, identified in police reports as Officer Dzhabbarov, approached Rucker and asks where he lives, at which point Rucker says he won’t answer any questions. The officer tells Rucker that he is the roadway, and asks him to move to the intersection because he is in the area where police are working. Rucker refuses to move.

The officer then offers to talk to Rucker at the intersection but Rucker again refuses to move, at which point Officer Millirons (the officer who Rucker approached in his vehicle) exited his vehicle and approached.

Millirons walks over and explains there’s a dead body inside the home and family is there, at which point Rucker lifts his phone toward Millirons’ face. The officer then reacts to the move toward his face by grabbing Rucker and then Rucker goes to the ground, screaming “what are ya’ll doin’?”

The officer then said he thought he was going to assault him when he raised the phone, at which point Rucker says “I ran away from you” and says he wasn’t interfering or trying to interfere with anything.

Rucker was then cuffed, and officers then explain to Rucker that phone have been used as a tool to assault officers, and that he was walking around on the private property of neighboring landowners, and that they had asked him politely to move and record them from the corner.

He was uncuffed and released without arrest.

According to police documents, the Springfield PD and Greene County Sheriff’s Office have had previous incidents with Rucker where he has made threats of violence toward members of the SPD and GCSO, and officer Milliron noted in his report that he was aware of Rucker’s previous threats to law enforcement.

Police reports also say that Rucker has tried filming police and attempting to “provoke officers into civil rights violations” and has been known to be armed.

Police spokeswoman Jasmine Bailey says that an internal investigation is taking place, and issued the following statement:

We are aware of a video circulating online that shows an incident involving two Springfield Police Officers and a citizen. This incident happened on Thursday, November 26, 2020 at about 4:00 p.m. on E. Cherry St.

The entire incident is being investigated through our Internal Affairs Unit, at the direction of the Chief, to determine if there was a violation of Springfield Police Department policy.