Door Dash Driver Gives His Shoes to Shoeless Patient at Cox Branson

A Door Dash dasher delivered a super-sized act of kindness when they noticed someone standing in the cold without shoes.

Security at Cox Medical Center Branson noticed that someone was walking up to a patient who had just been released from the emergency room and was waiting for a ride. The patient did not have any shoes on in the November cold.

Security watched as the man said something to the patient, and then took the shoes off his feet and gave them to the patient. He then walked back to his vehicle with a Door Dash sign and left.

Cox Branson staff went to the internet to find their mystery dasher, and tracked down a man named Todd.

“If an opportunity presents itself, we should all strive to be a blessing to others…even if that means literally giving someone the shoes off your feet,” Todd told the hospital staff when they reached out to him.

Todd credited his mom, saying that she “raised him right.”