Anti-Mask Protester Harasses Branson CoxHealth Head

The head of CoxHealth Branson was harassed by a group of anti-mask protesters following the Branson Board of Aldermen’s vote to extend the city’s mask mandate.

William Mahoney made a posting on Facebook thanking Taney County Sheriff Jimmie Matthews and the Branson police for keeping him safe when a member of “an organized group” of anti-mask group blocked his exit from the Aldermen’s meeting.

“An individual jumped in front of me and blocked the door and said, how did you like what we did to you tonight, publicly calling you out?” William Mahoney posted on Facebook. “Branson policemen told him to back off and let me out. He then lied and said I was harassing him.”

Mahoney noted the man was part of a group of nine people who targeted himself, the mayor, and the public health director.

“They publicly lied, but since it was nine or so of them, they must have thought nine lies equal truth,” Mahoney wrote.

Mahoney added in his posting that he has no problem taking the shots if it means getting truth into the community.

“Leadership is not a popularity contest,” Mahoney wrote. “You get the most accurate and truthful data you can, pray and ponder and make the best decision you can to help the greater good. It also helps when you feel so much love for those who are giving their all too so many in need. See we take care of you when you have Covid or other illnesses, regardless if you believe in our recommendations. I really don’t mind being called out by people who don’t know me.However, I won’t be silenced for what is right.”

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