Missouri State’s In-Person Orientation Stopped By COVID-19 Cases

Missouri State announced they are moving all orientation online after some members of the SOAR (Student Orientation, Advisement, and Registration) Team tested positive for COVID-19.

The university released the information in an email from President Clif Smart.

“The in-person sessions required masking by SOAR leaders and participants for the safety of all,” Smart wrote. “However, several SOAR leaders recently tested positive following an off-campus gathering among themselves where masking was not observed. Consequently, the majority of our SOAR leaders are now under quarantine for 14 days – approximately 42 people.”

Missouri State is reporting COVID-19 cases connected to school on their website. Smart’s letter said they only get limited information about campus community members who test positive, and it’s possible that there are individuals who have tested positive the University doesn’t know about who tested off-campus.

“Missouri State relies on county public health experts to determine protocols for how to handle positive tests of faculty, staff or students,” Smart wrote. “These protocols guide the assessment of positive cases. These officials will also lead the effort of “contact tracing” to determine who an individual may have come into close contact with.”

The school has asked those who are part of the campus community to stay home if they show symptoms of COVID-19, and stay there until they are tested and shown negative.

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