Springfield Mayor Extends State of Civil Emergency

Springfield Mayor Ken McClure extended the city’s state of Civil Emergency for another 30 days.

The order is mostly a housekeeping measure as the City Council passed a 90-day measure for the next phase of the city’s “Road to Recovery”. Called Phase 3-A, the new phase requires masking by anyone using public spaces within the city of Springfield.

“It is my judgment that there continues to reasonably appear to exist a state of civil emergency, and I, therefore, am making a Sixth Proclamation of Civil Emergency; however, due to the passage by City Council of an ordinance setting out regulations to protect public health and safety from the spread of COVID-19, I do not believe it necessary to exercise the additional powers granted to me under City Code at the present time,” McClure said in a statement.

McClure was not legally able under the Civil Emergency declaration to require citizens to wear masks in public under city code, requiring the action by City Council.

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