City of Springfield’s Masking Hotline Voicemail Overloads

If you tried to call the city of Springfield to express your opinion regarding the upcoming Council vote to include required masking while in public, you may have found yourself unable to leave a message.

It’s not your phone; the city’s voicemail system was overloaded with the number of calls that were coming in from residents making their voice heard.

“Because of the volume of voicemails we are receiving from citizens to express their opinion on the masking ordinance, the inbox fills up quickly,” City Staff posted on social media. “We are emptying the inbox several times a day and transferring the VM files to a server for the City Clerk’s office to transcribe. We have increased the capacity of the inbox to 800 VMs before it loops the outgoing message.”

The city then encouraged people to use their online form for commenting if they cannot leave a voicemail.

According to city Public Information Officer Cora Scott, the city’s feedback on the issue, as of 5 p.m. Friday, has been:

Council meeting: 102 speakers signed up.

  • In support of masking – 29
  • In opposition of masking – 55
  • Other topics – 18

Online submissions:

  • Forms submitted – 5,120
  • In support of mandatory masking – 3,692 responses – (72.1%)
  • Not in support of mandatory masking – 1,432 responses – (27.9%)

Voicemails via calling tree:

  • Received on the in-support line – 1,051 (46%)
  • Received on the not in support line – 1,240 (54%)

Total of all responses:

  • In Favor— 4772 = 64%
  • Against— 2727 = 36%

Comments via online message and voicemail can be submitted to the city through Sunday at 5 p.m., with the city saying that deadline is to permit the clerk’s office to transcribe voicemails for Council members.

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