Work Search Activity Requirement Returns for Unemployment Benefits

Unemployed Missourians will be again required to perform work search activities as part of their requirements to receive unemployment benefits.

The waiver of those requirements during the COVID-19 outbreak for those who lost jobs due to the pandemic has been lifted by the state. Anyone who wishes to continue to receive unemployment, including the additional $600 federal stipend through July, will now have to report work search activities.

A “work search activity” is defined as an attempt made to obtain employment. At least three work search activities must be completed each week that unemployment is requested.

Examples of acceptable work activities given by the Missouri Department of Labor include:

  • Part-time employment performed during the week credited on a per day basis. (Ex. – An individual works on Tuesday and Thursday of the week will be credited as having completed two work search activities).
    • Earnings from any employment during the week must be reported when a Weekly Request for Payment is made.
  • Missouri Job Center Assisted:
    • Accessing and searching for work on
    • Participating in a Reemployment Services and Eligibility Assessment (RESEA) appointment
    • Responding to a Missouri Job Center work referral
    • Participating in a Missouri Job Center workshop
  • In-person: 
    • Submitting a paper application for employment
    • Visiting employer(s) about job openings
    • Attending job interview(s)
    • Attending Job Fair(s)
    • Following up with employer(s) about job openings
  • Online: 
    • Employer Website (Completing web-application)
    • Virtual job interviews
    • Creating a personal user profile on web-based networking and job posting Sites (Ex. – Monster, Craig’s List, LinkedIn, Indeed)
    • Creating a reemployment plan
    • Creating a resume
    • Participating in online training

Contact the Missouri Job Center if you need help.

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