KY3 Reporter Recovers from COVID-19 Infection

A KY3 reporter ended up being the story when he tested positive for COVID-19.

Andrew Havranek, who covers the Lake of the Ozarks area for Springfield’s NBC affiliate, announced on his personal Facebook page that he contracted the virus that causes COVID-19. He returned to work after being cleared of the virus on June 29.

He posted on Facebook the steps that led him to get tested for the virus.

“I had a little bit of a tickle in my throat on Friday, but didn’t think anything of it,” Havranek wrote June 18. “On Saturday, I woke up and felt like I had an intense migraine. When I looked around the room by moving just my eyes, my eyes and my whole head hurt. I woke up Sunday feeling the same way, and had a slight cough, but nothing really noteworthy. Monday morning, out of precaution, I called my doctor. I had never had migraines before, and with everything going on, I was nervous. My doctor said it could be a sinus infection, but ordered me a COVID-19 test, and got the results this morning.”

He was quarantined inside his home for 14 days.

Havranek was also the subject of online hate and harassment because of a part time job at a Lake of the Ozarks area restaurant, because he worked the weekend before his diagnosis when he did not know anything was significantly wrong.

Most of the hate directed at him involved his not wearing a mask while he was working.

“The restaurant hasn’t required anyone to wear a mask, employee or customer. The state hasn’t required it, and neither has the county. There aren’t many restaurants or stores around the area that require it,” Havranek wrote on June 18. “I know my bosses at the restaurant are working alongside the health department and have made sure everything is clean and sterilized. There will always be a risk of contracting the virus if you’re out in public. We can all be better about slowing the spread of the coronavirus if we listen to the doctors and experts right now.”

He believes it was likely he contracted the virus while at the part-time job. None of his co-workers tested positive for the virus.

(Headline photo courtesy KY3)

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