CoxHealth Begins Offering Cochlear Implants

CoxHealth announced they will begin to offer Cochlear implants to help those with nerve-based hearing loss.

The implant is a small device the helps provide a “sense of sound” to patients with moderate to profound hearing loss.

“We are very excited about offering this option to our patients, as we know it will be a game-changer for many people,” Dr. Scott Estrem, otolaryngologist with CoxHealth, said in a statement. “These implants may ultimately make a huge difference in keeping individuals from living a life of silence.”

The procedure involves placing part of the device under the skin in the cochlea, with the other segment sitting behind or off the ear. The difference between cochlear implants and hearing aids is that the implant replaces the function of the damaged portion of the inner ear.

CoxHealth officials said that while the implants are approved for children, they will currently only offer the services for adults.

Patients who might be interested in a Cochlear Implant should call 417-875-3600.

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