Two Charged in Shooting Death of Evangel Athlete

Charges were filed against two roommates in the shooting death of an Evangel track star.

Greene County Prosecutors have charged 21-year-old Terry Robinson and 20-year-old Angelito Silva for their roles in the death of 19-year-old Tyree Crenshaw on April 30.

According to the probable cause statements, the duo initially lied to police officers upon their arrival, stating that Crenshaw was shot in a drive-by shooting. They changed their story after officers found a shell casing on the floor of the bedroom where Crenshaw had been found when officers arrived on the scene.

The following day during a post-Miranda interview, Robinson told investigators that the gun was not his and that it was on the nightstand next to the bed. Robinson said he was talking to his girlfriend on the app FaceTime and sitting on the bed next to Silva.

Crenshaw, standing next to the bed, asked if the gun was real. Robinson said he told Crenshaw that it was a real gun. Robinson said he picked up the gun, not realizing it was loaded, cocked the gun and that’s when it fired, striking Crenshaw in the stomach.

Robinson’s girlfriend later told police that she was on FaceTime with him when it happened, and that after the shot Robinson repeated “I didn’t know it was loaded.”

Robinson said Silva was the one that didn’t want him to call 911 because Silva didn’t want to get in trouble. Robinson said it was “five minutes since he had been shot” before calling for help. He confirmed the duo had made up the drive-by shooting.

Silva is believed to have hidden the gun after the shooting.

Robinson is charged with second-degree involuntary manslaughter and making a false police report. Silva is facing charges of evidence tampering and making a false report.

Robinson was a member of Evangel’s football team, Silva is a former Evangel student.

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