SPS Breaks Ground on New Boyd Elementary

The fourth school to be built as a result of the passage of Proposition S broke ground today.

The groundbreaking begins what is expected to be a 13 month construction process for the school on the site of the former Berry school building.

“Since 1908…Boyd has been a significant presence in this community, educating students, and serving as a cornerstone for the community for decades,” SPS Superintendent John Jungmann said at the event. “The new building to be constructed on this site will replace the physical structure that sits just a few blocks away, but you can be sure that the new structure will be inhabited by the heart and souls of students, teachers, parents, and community members who make Boyd the unique school that it is and will continue to be.”

SPS will invest $20.34 million into the new school, with 300 pre-kindergarten to fifth grade students palnned to call the school home. The new construction will:

  • Address accessibility and security challenges
  • Provide a safe room gymnasium
  • Serve up to 300 pre- K-5 students
  • Serve as a regional early childhood mini-hub

“Over the past century, Boyd Elementary has stood as a source of pride in its neighborhood,” Dr. Alina Leinert, School Board President, said at the groundbreaking. “The new school to be constructed on this site is an example of the Springfield School Board’s commitment to do what is best for kids. We believe that investing in our students and our schools, we are not only investing in Boyd’s future but the best interests of Springfield.”

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