Local TV Show “The Mystery Hour” Tapes 200th Episode

It may have been recorded from Desperation Studios, also known as host Jeff Houghton’s garage, but local television program The Mystery Hour has recorded and released its 200th episode.

The show began on television in 2012, and production of the show for the current season had been shut down because of the COVID-19 lockdown in the community. Faced with the loss of the Gillioz Theatre as the venue for the show, host Houghton built a studio in his garage and began to do nightly live streams of the show.

The 200th episode of the show was sent to affiliates across the nation featuring host Houghton showing the very first recorded episode of the show with Houghton providing commentary on the broadcast, similar to a broadcast of the classic program Mystery Science Theatre 3000.

Houghton revealed secrets of the initial shows, such as when the show gave a shot of the audience it was because they had an awkward editing point and they needed to cover it up.

“This whole season was a learning experience for us,” Houghton said during the show.

The first show was recorded at the former Randy Bacon Gallery in downtown Springfield with an audience of about 70, and featured guitar player Todd Gummerman, then with the band Mutemath.

Houghton and the Mystery Hour production team hope to return to the Gillioz for another season next fall.

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