Protest of Stay at Home Orders Scheduled for Tuesday

A group of residents unhappy that local and state officials shut down businesses and issued stay at home orders due to the COVID-19 outbreak are planning a protest Tuesday in downtown Springfield.

The “March for Freedom Protest/Rally Against The Lockdown” is scheduled to start at noon on the downtown square.

Organizers have posted on Facebook that the rally will begin with a “prelude” of “patriotic music”, along with an open microphone for people to come up and express their “thoughts, personal feelings or love of America and the hardworking people that keep the economy going.”

The group then plans to hold their “March for Freedom” to city hall after that opening prelude.

People who have their cars painted with slogans and/or have flags attached to them are being encouraged to drive around city hall at the same time as the march.

Organizers asked people who are attending to respect social distancing requirements and to “be respectful.”

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