Governor Parson Moves Municipal Elections to June 2

Governor Mike Parson issued an executive order Wednesday moving the state’s April 7 Municipal Elections to June 2.

County Clerks all over the state were asking the governor to take the action, including Greene County Clerk Shane Schoeller, who raised the issue on social media Sunday evening and who filed a court motion to have the election date moved to June 2.

“I am very pleased that the Governor has issued an executive order to change the date of the election to June 2, and am deeply grateful to Secretary of State Ashcroft for his leadership on this issue.  That being said, our legal counsel has advised us to go ahead and petition the court under the procedure set forth by Missouri Revised Statute 115.024.” Schoeller said in a statement. “We are taking this step in support of the Governor’s stated aim to move the date of the election, and out of an abundance of caution in the unlikely event that the governor’s executive order runs into problems in terms of legal scrutiny.”

Schoeller’s court filing had the backing of the Missouri Clerk’s Association, which encouraged all its members to take a similar action.