Boys & Girls Clubs to Expand Into Williams Elementary

Boys & Girls Clubs of Springfield will be expanding their services to students in the Springfield School District beginning in 2021.

The organization and Springfield Public Schools administrators announced the expansion of their partnership pending the completion of the renovation and expansion of Williams Elementary in August 2021.

“Collaboration to meet the needs of our students is critically important in public education,” Dr. John Jungmann, superintendent of Springfield Public Schools, said in a statement. “The Williams Elementary project is exciting for many reasons. A new, improved facility creates a more equitable and accessible learning environment. We will also have more room for an expansion of early childhood education and a robust partnership with Boys & Girls Clubs helps ensure that our students and families have the support they need to learn and grow.”

The new facility is part of the Proposition S projects.

Boys & Girls Clubs has begun a capital campaign to invest into the space that will be dedicated to their organization. The program is anticipated to serve 200 students every day.

“This project is necessary, exciting and truly in line with our organization’s goals,” Brandy Harris, chief executive officer of Boys & Girls Clubs of Springfield, said in a statement. “By collaborating with Springfield Public Schools, we are able to more holistically serve children and their families. We are confident that this aligned partnership mutually benefits each entity.”

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