Rountree Students Learn from MSU’s Foreign Students

Students from multiple foreign nations such as China, South Korea, Mongolia, and Saudi Arabia met with students at Springfield’s Rountree Elementary school to teach them about their homes.

The cultural exchanges with Missouri State take place twice a year through MSU’s English Language Institute program.

“We host a cultural exchange with MSU students from other countries twice a year through a partnership is MSU’s ELI program,” Nicki Foltz, PYP Coordinator and Library Media Specialist at Rountree Elementary, said in a statement. “Our second-graders are inquiring into geography and navigation and our kindergartners are inquiring into resources and structures of homes, so these intercultural conversations create unit of inquiry connections and offer a more global perspective on what they are learning in the classroom.”

The MSU students talk about their daily lives back in their home nations. They talk about what their houses looked like in their home countries. They would have students then draw a house that’s familiar to them so they could talk about them.

The benefit to the MSU students is that it gives them practical opportunities to use their English language skills with native English speakers.

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