Greene County Jail Population Tops 1,000

For the first time in the history of the Greene County Sheriff’s Department, over 1,000 inmates are now in their custody.

The current Greene County Jail, originally built for 488 prisoners and later modified for 601, can hold a total of 709 inmates with the temporary facility attached to the main jail.

This means that almost 300 prisoners daily are being held across the state in various other counties at an average daily cost to Greene County of $45 per prisoner per day.

“It’s not a number we wanted to reach, however we are proud that we have proactive law enforcement bringing them to justice,” Greene County Sheriff Jim Arnott told OI. “However, we wish the system could move them through quicker as we have run out of space once again. We are working on stop gap measures to ensure their is adequate space to hold offenders. “

Groundbreaking on the new Greene County Jail that will be able to house the Sheriff’s current prisoner count is planned for April. County Commissioners and the Sheriff are looking at options for a second temporary jail to reduce the number of prisoners sent to other counties.

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