Sacramento Police: “If…Leads Mean We Need to Search An Area, We Will”

UPDATE 1/21/20, 11:30 a.m.: In reference to the claims by the friend of Alex Holden that the police department will no longer be actively searching for him, the following was told to OI by Sacramento Public Information Officer Karl Chan:

The investigation into Alex’s disappearance is still active.  We are continuing to follow-up on any leads that come into our tip line.  If those leads mean that we need to search an area we will.  We urge anybody that may have any information regarding his disappearance to contact our tip line: (916)732-0100.

According to friends who have been updating the public on the search for Alex Holden, the Sacramento Police have said they don’t believe they will be conducting any more active searches for the missing man.

The latest update said that the Sacramento police had conducted their largest search party since the beginning of the search on Sunday. They did a complete search of a park and several miles along a river that is adjacent the park. The police were using boats as part of the search.

Alex Holden was wearing the pullover in this photo when he went missing.

“At this time, the police have stated they do not believe they will be conducting any more searches,” the friend using the handle “mrsharbear” stated on Reddit. “They did state they will continue to follow leads given by the public.”

Alex’s parents, Greene County Judges Calvin Holden and Margaret Palmietto, are returning to Springfield, although they will still be in touch with law enforcement about the investigation.

Alex Holden disappeared in the early hours of December 31, 2019, telling his girlfriend after an argument that he was going to stay at a friend’s house in Natomas. He was wearing khakis, sandals, and a tan fleece pullover that is shown in the flyers available on the Find Alex Holden website.

A hotline has been set up for tips about Alex Holden’s location: 916-732-0100.

While Judge Holden and Judge Palmietto were in California, their cases were handled by other judges in the 31st Judicial Circuit with assists from visiting judges who wanted to help.

“Alex is out there. Somewhere,” his friend posted on Reddit. “And he will turn up. It’s just a matter of when.”

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