Senator Roy Blunt & Family Raise Awareness of Food Bank Needs

Senator Roy Blunt and his family donated time on Monday at Ozarks Food Harvest, packing meals for local families who will be in need during the first part of the year.

The Senator and his family volunteer every year, with a goal of helping to raise awareness of the needs of food banks in the first three months of the year. Bart Brown, President of Ozarks Food Harvest, said that donations fall off significantly after the holidays, but that need actually increases during the first three months of the year with the decline in seasonal jobs.

Senator Blunt with Ozarks Food Harvest President Bart Brown

“The charitable need is there,” Senator Blunt said. “We are here to [encourage people] to do what people can always do better than the government. A charitable entity like this is always more focused than the government, always more effective than the government, always gets the bigger bang for their dollar than anything we can do in any government program.”

Senator Blunt said he is working to change parts of the recent tax law changes that make it unnecessary for more Americans to itemize their deductions, which caused a decrease in charitable giving because it was no longer a tax deduction.

The tax law changes were something noted by Brown, who said Ozarks Food Harvest officials have had to work with donors to educate them on the increased needs due to changes in charitable giving.

While the family was donating their time, Blunt’s son made a personal financial donation to the organization and expressed his support of their work in the Ozarks.

Ozarks Food Harvest provides over 18.5 million meals annually to 270 organizations in 28 Ozarks counties.

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