Comedian Who Proves You Can Change Your Life in Springfield This Weekend

A woman who overcame a childhood of poverty, drugs, and violence to become a stand-up comedian that’s appeared on national television is in Springfield this weekend.

Ms. Pat will be performing Friday night and two shows Saturday night at Blue Room Comedy Club in Springfield. Friday night’s show is at 7:30 p.m., Saturday at 7 and 9:15 p.m..

Patricia Williams, who known professionally as Ms. Pat, grew up with a single mom on welfare and four siblings in Atlanta’s West End neighborhood. As a kid, she had to “roll drunks” to get food money for herself and her siblings, which meant she would scout for drunks that pass out and then steal their wallets and other valuables.

That led to a life where at age 16, with two children and a middle school dropout, she began to deal crack cocaine while using the street name “Rabbit.” She’s joked that at that “when you’re that age with two kids in the hood you have two choices, sell drugs or sell your body. So I went with the one that paid more.”

When she turned 19, her drug-addicted sister gave her that sister’s four children. Now married with six kids, Ms. Pat decided to get out of “the life.”

During the years on welfare, going to government offices for food stamps or housing assistance, people would tell Ms. Pat that she had a real talent for telling funny stories. A case worker that she befriended encouraged Ms. Pat to try stand-up comedy during an open mic night.

Ms. Pat knew from that first night that she was home on the stage. Since that night, she’s brought her street-smarts and razor-sharp wit to the stage across the nation.

She’s appeared on NBC’s “Last Comic Standing” along with shows on Comedy Central, TV Guide Network, and Nickelodeon. She’s a regular guest on the syndicated “Bob and Tom” Radio program, and a podcast celebrity with appearances on the hit WTF with Marc Maron and Joe Rogan Experience podcasts.

She’s also a published author, with her autobiography Rabbit being published in 2017.

Blue Room Comedy Club is located inside Billiard’s at the corner St. Louis Street and Kimbrough Street in downtown Springfield. Tickets for the show are available online at Blue Room’s website or, if available, can be purchased for ten dollars more at the door.

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