Greene County Sheriff’s Office K9 & Live PD Star Lor Retires

Millions of Americans across the country knew the Greene County Sheriff’s Office for one of its furriest officers during months other than No Shave November. Now, that officer is going to be resting his paws after the department announced his retirement.

The Greene County Sheriff’s Office announced that K9 Lor, along with his handler James Craigmyle, are leaving the department. Lor enters retirement, while Craigmyle takes a security job with Herschend Family Entertainment as a security manager. HFE owns Silver Dollar City.

According to a Twitter posting, Craigmyle is keeping a reserve commission & will still be active with law enforcement.

From the beginning of the time the GCSO appeared on A&E’s “Live PD”, Lor became a fan favorite. The department often received requests for Lor (and handler Craigmyle) to appear at charity and community events because of their TV fame.

Lor came to the Greene County Sheriff’s Office after training in the Czech Republic in 2010. He was trained in narcotics detection and patrol apprehension. Lor’s distinguished career had him assisting a wide range of federal and local law enforcement agencies including: DEA, US Postal Inspectors, US Customs and Border Protection, ATF, Missouri State Highway Patrol, SWAT, and multiple County sheriffs and city police departments.

In his career, Lor engaged in approximately 2,000 deployments. Lor showed a high ability for tracking skills, finding missing or lost children along with capturing suspects. He also was skilled at finding weapons and other pieces of evidence for investigations.

Lor used his fame from Live PD to help promote the image of law enforcement in the community, visiting children’s hospitals, community festivals, and Live PD watch parties. Lor and handler Craigmyle would often give demonstrations to school students showing the abilities that made Lor a key member of the GCSO.

The GCSO said in a statement that while Lor would like to continue serving the community, he has reached an age where continued service would cause health challenges. He will enjoy his retirement at the home of his former handler Craigmyle, enjoying long walks, dog toys, and the occasional frozen custard cone at Andy’s Frozen Custard.

The department is holding a small retirement ceremony for Lor, but has noted that if any of his fans from Live PD want to honor him for his service, they can make a donation in his honor to their local animal rescue.

“We thank Lor for his dedication and lifelong public service,” Captain Marc Staeger said in a statement. “His presence at the Greene County Sheriff’s Office will be greatly missed.”

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