SPS Middle School Tech Students Qualify for Nationals

Over a dozen Springfield school district middle school students qualified yesterday for the national Technology Student Association competition.

The national qualifiers include two teams that won state championships in their categories: Megan Bolen, McKenzie Keeter & Meegan Randall of Pleasant View Middle School won the state title in the Junior Solar Sprint and Judah Verdugo & Dorin Williams of Jarrett Middle School won the state title in Coding.

Here is the complete list of students who will be heading to the national competition:

Pleasant View Middle School

3rd place in Dragster: Meegan Randall

1st place in Junior Solar Sprint: Megan Bolen, McKenzie Keeter & Meegan Randall

4th place in Technology Bowl: McKenzie Keeter & Meegan Randall

Westport Middle School

3rd place in Flight: Kenneth Frank

5th place in Flight: William Noggle

4th place in Structural Engineering: Jyden Hayes & William Noggle

1st place in Structural Engineering: Kenneth Franck & Isaiah Rodriguez

Jarrett Middle School

5th place in Children’s Stories: Le Tran

1st place in Coding: Judah Verdugo & Dorin Williams

2nd place in Stem Animation: Michaela Farralas & Drake Wright
2nd place in Video Game Design: Judah Verdugo, Dorin Williams & Drake Wright

Reed Middle School

3rd place in CAD Foundations: Benny Brown

5th place in Coding: Benny Brown & Andy Crayton

4th place in Junior Solar Spring: Matt Gardner & Andy Crayton