Dominic Haygood Headlines Single Mothers Benefit Concert This Saturday

Dominic Haygood is headlining “Hearts Aglow”, a special concert to benefit single mothers in the Branson area, this Saturday (December 15) at 2 p.m. at the Clay Cooper Theatre.

Haygood will perform a special holiday show on saxophone and violin.  He will be joined by his sister, award-winning harpist Catherine Haygood.

The concert will benefit a charity set up by Dominic Haygood and his wife Heather after they married.  Heather spent 5 years as a single mother holding down two jobs while raising four children alone.

“After Dominic and I married and things settled down a bit, I knew I wanted to devote my time to helping other single mothers get back on their feet,” Heather Haygood said in a press release.  “The struggle is very real and at times overwhelming.  The goal is to take care of immediate needs, it could be as simple as paying an electric bill or putting new tires on a mini van.  Sometimes just a little edge is all people need to get their head and heart above water.”

Tea event for single mothers

The charity works to help single mothers with some of the basic needs of a family, including help with utilities, clothing for the children or vehicle repairs.  The charity also hosts events like a Christmas tea for single mothers to give them a chance to be loved upon by those who understand the struggle these women face every day.

And if you’ve seen the Haygoods perform in Branson, this fundraiser will be something you haven’t seen.

“[The show] is 100 percent brand new content,” Dominic Haygood told the OI.  

He told the OI that their organization keeps the number of women they work with small to maximize the impact on their lives.

Dominic Haygood performing in Branson (Courtesy YouTube)

“We wanted to make a significant impact,” Haygood said.  “We do things like pay someone’s mortgage for a month so they don’t get evicted.”

Haygood said they value every donation and take seriously the accountability of serving others through those donations.

“There’s a responsibility that goes along with it because this is people’s hard earned money,” Haygood said.  “We’ve been very aware of that and work hard to get the most out of all donations.”

The show will open with pre-show guests Dance Branson.  Mr. B’s will provide “special holiday eats.”  A silent auction to benefit the charity will take place.

Tickets are $14 and available by calling 877-317-2604.  100% of the show’s proceeds benefit the charity.

If you cannot attend the concert, but you would like to give to support single mothers in the Branson area, the charity has a GoFundMe page.

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