Give Back to School Day September 17

With school districts around the state facing financial cuts due to the COVID-19 outbreak, fundraisers are more vital than ever in helping teachers get the items they need to make sure their students can learn in all kinds of environments.

The Foundation for Springfield Public schools is hosting a day-long fundraising event, Give Back to School Day, on Thursday, September 17.

“Every year we are excited to have a full day devoted to giving back to education and see how our community comes together to support our schools,” Natalie Murdock, director of the Foundation for Springfield Public Schools, said in a statement. “As uncertain as this year has been, we know we can rely on the goodness of the people of Springfield.”

Give Back to School Day is a 24-hour celebration of community support for education, teachers, and students. In addition to individual giving, the event features businesses and organizations that care about teachers and students contributing to help fund projects.

Learn more and donate on the Foundation for Springfield Public Schools website.

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