Corps of Engineers: Bull Creek Bridge Removal Violated Permit

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers has informed a landowner along Bull Creek that his actions taken to remove a low water bridge are in violation of the permit given to him for work on a new bridge crossing.

Jay Townsend of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers tells OI that the removal of the bridge initially put in by landowner Steve Johnson should have had any work done as close to the actual structure as possible.

Instead, about 900 feet of the Creek was dredged and channeled, a violation of the Nationwide Permit Conditions. It violated NWP No. 14, which reads “any stream channel modification is limited to the minimum necessary to construct or protect the project; such modifications must be in the immediate vicinity of the bridge project.”

Townsend said the Corps inspected the site on September 9, and that a letter of non-compliance was mailed to the landowner Johnson on Monday outlining his non-compliance with the NPC.

“The landowner will have to reply with a plan to restore the streambed back to its contours,” Townsend told OI. “The permittee will also need to hire someone with expertise in streambed restoration. The work will also have to be coordinated with the Missouri Department of Conservation.”

If Johnson does not comply with the Corps’ instructions or return the stream bed back to an acceptable condition, he could face citations and an appearance in federal court.

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