Greene County Man Accused of Sexual Abuse of Three Children

A Greene County man has been arrested and charged with crimes related to the sexual abuse of three children, two of them with disabilities.

Fred Nelson, 65, is facing seven counts of 1st degree child molestation and four counts of Statutory Sodomy, 1st degree, with a person less than 14 years of age.

According to court documents, one of the victims confessed to a Linda Nelson during a trip to Michigan that the victim had been abused by Fred Nelson. When two other siblings found out about the first siblings claims, they also said that Nelson had abused them.

The victims said that Fred would give them “medications” that would make them pass out. They claimed that he would then sexually abuse them. They also claimed that Fred had placed cameras under their bed and in other places in their room.

The victims have Fragile X Syndrome, which causes developmental disabilities, requiring guardians.

Linda Nelson told law enforcement that she found a camera in her bedroom that was pointed toward the bed. She confronted Fred about the allegations, which he denied, although he said that because of brain surgeries it’s possible he couldn’t remember the incidents.

Fred admitted during an interview at the Greene County Sheriff’s Office that he had placed the cameras under the bed but only recorded audio. He stated during the interview after his Maranda warning that he wasn’t saying he didn’t commit the crimes but that he could not remember them.

Investigators also said in the report that while they were taking the initial report, Fred drove past the residence multiple times. The victims said they were afraid of what Fred would do if he realized they talked to law enforcement. Investigators called Fred “a danger to the crime victims.”

Nelson is being held at the Greene County Jail. He does not have an attorney listed in Missouri Casenet.

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