Teenager Arrested in Connection with Three Shootings

A 17-year-old has been arrested by Springfield police in connection with a series of shootings.

Gabriel Cade Johnson is facing charges of first-degree assault, unlawful use of a weapon, and two counts of armed criminal action. All four charges are felonies.

Police say that Johnson engaged in a pair of drive-by shootings where nobody was hurt and an April 17 assault when a man was shot in the buttocks outside the Petco on West Washita.

According to the probable cause statement, Johnson initially told investigators that he was at his grandmother’s house during the Petco incident but later admitted he was present with two friends because they were going to buy “weed.”

He claimed two friends, Dereke and Will, were going to buy “a quarter pound of weed.” He said that he stayed in the car while his friend was outside and that likely Dereke fired the shots because he had a gun.

Johnson’s girlfriend then told police she had driven him and his uncle to the Petco and that Johnson had a handgun on him. She said it was the “same one he’d always had.” She also said Johnson had been the one to make the arrangement for the drug deal.

The victim in the case identified Johnson from a photo lineup. The victim was “almost certain” because the “hair and facial structure” were similar to the shooter.

If convicted on all counts, Johnson could face life in prison.

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