Missouri State Doctoral Program Receives Accreditation

Missouri State announced their doctoral program on Defense and Strategic Studies has been accredited after a two year examination process.

The program received accreditation on July 29 by the Higher Learning Commission, an organization that covers 19 states for college and university accreditation.

“The professional doctorate degree program will prepare students for a career in international security,” Defense and Strategic Studies head Dr. John Rose said in a statement.

Rose said the program, based at MSU’s Fairfax, Virginia campus, is different than most PhD programs.

“A PhD program is focused on enhancing research skills,” Rose said. “A professional doctorate degree prepares candidates for the practical application of skills necessary to work in policy and strategic positions with the federal government, state and local authorities, think tanks and industry.”  

The program will allow students to study subjects like advanced nuclear strategy, deterrence, and arms control. Seminars include:

  • Advanced Survey in International Security Affairs. 
  • Grand Strategy. 
  • Role of the U.S. Congress in National Security. 
  • Advanced Cyber Warfare Challenges. 
  • Advanced Intelligence and Emerging Strategic Challenges. 

“All seminars are focused on the application and understanding of policy pertaining to national and international security issues,” Rose said. “They are taught by experienced security professionals, so our students learn in ways not available at other higher education institutions.” 

The program allows part-time, seated, or online enrollment.

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