Drury Holds Socially Distanced Graduation Ceremonies

Drury University celebrated graduation ceremonies this weekend for 479 graduates of both the traditional college and evening & online programs plus the College of Graduate Studies.

The 2020 ceremonies were postponed from May because of coronavirus concerns.

“We gather this morning with a spirit of great joy in celebration of this graduating class,” Dr. Peter Browning, Drury chaplain, said in the opening prayer on Saturday. “In a time of anxiety and fear in the face of the pandemic, we come together to affirm the power of hope. These candidates for graduation represent great hope for our future and we are deeply grateful.”

Each graduate and attendee watching at the O’Reilly Family Event Center was socially distanced and everyone was wearing masks, making the events unlike any other graduation ceremony in the school’s history.

“I commend you on your resilience in the face of adversity,” Drury president Dr. Tim Cloyd said. “You filled a promise you made to yourself to find the strength, courage and confidence to unlock your fullest potential.”

Alumni Council President John Pope also addressed the graduates.

“You are now tasked with going out into the world and putting your talents, skills and Drury education to work,” Pope said. “And while this world seems a lot different than it did a year ago, don’t forget that Drury has been preparing you all along to succeed and thrive in any environment. This pandemic will eventually end, but until it does never forget these things.”

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