Greene County Sheriff Interim Police Chief for Fair Grove

If you are in Fair Grove and think the interim police chief looks a lot like Greene County Sheriff Jim Arnott, you would be right.

Sheriff Arnott and the Greene County Sheriff’s Office have been providing additional law enforcement to the community in the wake of the city’s department dwindling to just one full time officer.

In July, the Board of Aldermen split 3-3 in a vote to retain then Chief Adam Mallory. Mallory resigned the next day; his top deputy resigned the day after; other officers then left the department.

Fair Grove officials then made an agreement with Sheriff Arnott and the GCSO to take over in a mutual aid agreement for 90 days. The city didn’t have a contingency plan in place that called for having the county sheriff step in, but found a willing partner.

“I am not aware of a contingency plan but recall Sheriff Arnott was quick to offer his assistance,” Fair Grove Mayor Stephen Short told OI.

Part of Sheriff’s Arnott’s agreement with the Aldermen called for him to review the department’s operations and suggest changes, one of which was to boost the pay in the county’s lowest paying police department.

“The Aldermen have agreed to a consensus for the salary for the police chief and there was discussion on the salary for the patrolmen and sergeant,” Mayor Short said.  “There was also discussion on funding sources for the suggested changes that could take place place at the next board meeting on the 25th.  The possible budget adjustment for approximately $30,000 should occur on the 25th.”

Here is Arnott’s proposal and a possible source of funding. Mayor Short says that the transfer from the street maintenance budget is just one option and aldermen will discuss other options.


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