SPS Bus Inspection Gets High Marks; Falls Short of Repeating Fleet Award

Springfield Public Schools has a better percentage of school buses ready to go for the upcoming school year but fell short of repeating the “Total Fleet Excellence Award” it received in 2019.

The Missouri State Highway Patrol released their 2020 School Bus Inspection report, showing that Springfield Public Schools had a 95.6% approval score on 159 buses submitted for inspection.

“The Missouri State Highway Patrol works closely with schools and private pupil transportation companies to ensure Missouri students have safe transportation to and from school. This professional relationship is most evident during the annual school bus inspection program,” Colonel Eric T. Olson, superintendent of the Missouri State Highway Patrol, said in a statement. “The COVID-19 pandemic presented numerous challenges. However, the unified effort of motor vehicle inspection and pupil transportation professionals ensured the inspection of Missouri’s 11,828 school buses was completed successfully. The annual school bus inspection program is just one way the Missouri State Highway Patrol protects and serves our children.”

The buses were given three scores in the ratings: Approved, meaning the bus is ready for service; Defective, meaning the bus has one or more defective items that do not pose a danger during operation of the bus; and “out of service” meaning an immediate danger was found during the inspection.

The district received a 3.1% defective score, or 5 buses with issues. The MSHP inspectors determined that 1.3%, or 2 buses, had to be placed “out of service.”

The district was unable to repeat their “Total Fleet Excellence Award” because qualification requires no buses rated “out of service.”

Here is the full list of inspection results for all districts:


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