Isabel’s House Hosting “Virtual Summer Party” Fundraiser

Isabel’s House, a shelter for children under 12 whose families are in crisis, is hosting a special “virtual” summer party to raise funds to continue their mission.

The annual “Summer Party” on Thursday will be the group’s first virtual fundraising event. The event will ask donors to sponsor a child through giving or participating in a raffle.

Child abuse and neglect in Greene County and surrounding counties continues to rise, with statistics showing 5 out of every 1,000 children are in need of help. Child abuse and neglect was called a “red flag” in the Community Foundation of the Ozarks “Community Focus Report” since 2005.

Isabel’s House provides a 24/7/365 shelter for kids in need, and works with parents or caregivers to find solutions to their crisis to allow the family to stay together if possible.

The House can provide a day and night of care, a new outfit, infant formula and/or three nutritious meals for a child entering their program for $250. A child in their program can have all their needs met for three days for $500.

Isabel’s House hopes to raise $15,000 through the Summer Party.

Anyone who sponsors a child will be able to attend a special virtual concert Thursday night from Kansas City based performer Sean McNown.

Anyone interested in sponsoring a child, or otherwise supporting the mission of Isabel’s House, can learn more from the organization’s website.

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