Greene County Clerk, Staffers, Volunteers Quarantined After COVID-19 Exposure

Greene County Clerk Shane Schoeller is among a group of people connected to the August 4 election under quarantine after being exposed to COVID-19, but the general public is not at risk from the exposure.

Schoeller released a statement Monday morning stating that he was under a 14 day quarantine after consulting with the Springfield-Greene County Health Department. SGCHD officials said anyone who spent 15 minutes or more in close contact over a 24 hour period with the person who tested positive should enter quarantine.

Schoeller also said three members of his office staff and four volunteers were under quarantine, taking their temperature twice daily, and watching for symptoms of COVID-19.

“The person who tested positive helps with elections but is not a staff member or election judge that worked directly with the public on Tuesday,” Schoeller said.

The County Clerk noted that despite the diagnosis and quarantine, the certification of the election continues toward tomorrow’s deadline.

“It is important to note, that we are continuing to work together as an office to certify the election results from this past Tuesday’s election,” Schoeller said in a statement. “Moments like this make us even more grateful for the communication technology we have been able to use prior to this during COVID-19, and now in the certification process, that will allow the office to stay on schedule for Tuesday’s certification.”

“We are especially grateful for the assistance and professionalism of the Springfield-Greene County Health Department,” Schoeller added. “They have given the office the necessary safety protocols, critical to ensuring the work of the office can go forward, including the required certification of Tuesday’s primary election results.”

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