Springfield Officer Suffers Minor Injuries As Truck Strikes Cruiser

A Springfield police officer is recovering from minor injuries after a driver crashed their pickup truck into the officer’s cruiser.

The incident Thursday night involved a man who led officers on a small chase because it was later discovered they had outstanding warrants against them in Greene County.

The officer involved in the incident had pulled over the truck for a violation. As the officer was approaching the truck, it sped away, leading the officer on a chase until the truck crashed near the intersection of Delaware and Kearney.

The officer pulled his vehicle behind the truck after the crash. The truck’s driver then put the transmission in reverse, ramming the officer’s cruiser and causing his injuries. The officer was unable to continue the pursuit because of the damage to the cruiser.

The truck was eventually stopped and the driver taken into custody by deputies from the Greene County Sheriff’s Office. The SPD is investigating the incident as an assault on a law enforcement officer.

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