CoxHealth’s Meyer Center to Become School Care Center

CoxHealth is going to be providing childcare for their employees who will be adversely impacted by Springfield Public Schools’ decision to only have seated classes two days a week by closing one of their major facilities.

The Meyer Center, one of Springfield’s biggest fitness and wellness centers, will close its fitness operations and will stay open as long as employees need a place to send their children when they are unable to attend traditional seated school classes.

“We realize that this is a significant matter for employees, many of whom have school-age children,” Andy Hedgpeth, vice president of Human Resources at CoxHealth, said in a press statement. “We greatly appreciate our staff’s dedication and hard work for our patients, so we want to do everything we can to support them during this time and help them stay at work. We’ve already seen efforts by leaders and fellow staff to innovate with creative scheduling and work arrangements to help parents impacted by reduced school schedules. We appreciate their flexibility as we all pitch in and find ways to support one another. We also amended our remote work policy to allow employees in certain roles to work remotely when faced with child care restrictions due to COVID-19.”

The small details of the program are still being finalized but CoxHealth will make sure that students who attend the program will be able to attend their virtual classes while at the Meyer Center.

In addition to being able to attend the classes, local colleges OTC, Drury, and Evangel are working with CoxHealth to provide tutoring services to the students.

The service will operate from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m. Monday through Friday. It will be open to Kindergarten through 6th grade. Daily fees are based on the parent’s hourly wages and will include meals for the participating children.

Drop-in care will be made available to employees who work flex schedules.

All memberships to the Meyer Center will be cancelled as of August 12, when the facility closes as a health and wellness center. Refunds on remaining memberships will be given to current members, or they can transfer their membership to other CoxHealth locations.

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