Republic Seeks Parent Reaction to Return to Learn Plan

Republic School administrators are looking for feedback from parents regarding the school’s plans to reopen for the fall.

The district has posted three phases for parents to choose in an online poll.

“While the Republic School District feels 100% seated instruction is the best method for student success, our current circumstances regarding COVID19 have caused us to have to prepare alternative options if needed,” district administrators posted with the poll. “Phase 1 is the most optimal plan to provide 100% seated instruction to as many students as possible while giving flexibility to families that need an alternative choice. However, we feel it is important to allow our community the opportunity to provide input into the decision on which phase of the RepMO Return to Learn plan we should implement for the first quarter of the school year. Therefore, our hope in distributing this follow-up survey is to gather feedback on our community’s thoughts and feelings about which phase we should begin school in on August 24.”

Parents who wish to see the phase options and vote in the poll can do so from the district’s website.

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