Springfield Police Officials Meet with NAACP

The Springfield Police Department announced their holding a meeting with members of the NAACP two weeks after NAACP members made demands of Springfield City Council.

Those NAACP members demanded the Council:

  1. Ban VNR/chokeholds or any form of neck restraint
  2. Reduce the disparity index to 1
  3. Reform the Police Civilian Review Board (PCRB)

Police officials and NAACP representatives met over issues one and two, and agreed to continue to meet about those issues. (The PCRB is outside the purview of the police department, and NAACP officials are discussing potential meetings with City Council officials.)

“At SPD we value, appreciate and respect our relationship with the Springfield NAACP. We are working to create greater trust in the community and show the citizens of Springfield that we are doing all we can to help them feel safe,” Chief Williams said in a statement.

NAACP officials submitted 22 questions to Chief Williams about the police department. Williams provided answers to all 22 questions which were the basis for the discussion. Follow up talks are planned according to Chief Williams.


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