Woman’s Comments to Springfield City Council on Masking Draws Rebuke from Holocaust Museum

A woman’s comments to Springfield City Council during public comment time on the masking ordinance has drawn condemnation from the organization preserving a Nazi concentration camp.

The woman, in the video shown below, compares wearing a mask to Jews in Germany being forced to wear a yellow star on their clothing.

Video of the woman’s comments was widely shared on social media platforms, including Twitter. That’s when the video came to the attention of the operators of the Auschwitz-Birkenau State Museum in Poland.

The museum is run by the International Auschwitz Council, which is overseen by the government of Poland. They administer not only the Auschwitz camp site, but other Holocaust related locations throughout Poland.

The official account for the Museum responded to the user who posted the video and then shared that response with the international community:

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