Springfield Police Investigating Parking Lot Brawl with Viral Video

The Springfield Police Department is investigating a video posted to social media showing several young adults involved in fights in a south Springfield parking lot.

The video shows a series of physical altercations, including one where five men are seeing beating a man who is lying on the ground. The video also has several people using racially charged and profane language.

The Springfield Police Department is aware of the incident and detectives are trying to determine who is shown in the video.

While there are rumors and claims across social media that this incident was connected to a Confederate flag being flown in a truck, SPD officials would not confirm or release any details about the investigation.

“It’s an active investigation,” police spokeswoman Jasmine Bailey told OI. “We are still trying to collect information.”

Dakota Buskirk, who told KY3 he was attacked by three men in the Krispy Kreme parking lot, confirmed he was part of the situation but would not comment to OI about the incident.

“I was involved with the incident in the Krispy Kreme parking lot,” Buskirk told OI in a message. “However. I’m not at liberty to make any statement about anything that happened to anyone but my lawyer and or the Springfield police department in order to further the investigation of said hate crime.”

We will continue to follow the story and update when information can be confirmed.

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