Drury, Missouri State Dispute ICE Position on International Students

ICE is saying international students can’t stay in the U.S. if their schools aren’t having in-person classes this fall.

Drury and Missouri State say not so fast.

Both schools released statements saying they would be doing whatever they can do to make sure international students stay on campus to continue their education.

“Drury University’s international students contribute richly to the unique and diverse thought necessary for discovery and innovation, diverse cultural experiences and understanding and the experiences that make a Drury education a transformative experience in the lives of all of our students,” Drury President Dr. Tim Cloyd wrote in a statement.

Cloyd went on to say the school would take steps to help international students.

“Drury University is committed to holding seated classes for the 2020-21 academic year so the ICE ruling will not affect our international students in that regard,” Dr. Cloyd wrote. “However, we urge the Trump administration to immediately sort out the issue on travel bans and the confusion over travel regulations. Furthermore, we urge ICE and the Trump administration to reverse their position that international students may not live in the United States if their coursework is moved online due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The administration should consider the long term impact on our national security and our place in the international economic order, as well as the impact on our American students who thrive in a cosmopolitan, diverse educational setting.”

Missouri State released a statement that they will present a hybrid model of instruction for the 2020 semester, which would allow the international students to continue their education.

“These on-campus Missouri State international students will maintain their visa status because they are not in a program that is exclusively online,” the school said in an online posting.

MSU said they are taking proactive steps with each international student.

“International Services is contacting each new and continuing international student to make sure they are aware of how the expected ruling may affect their plans for the fall,” the statement read. “Individual email messages will include updated I-20s and instructions for the fall 2020 semester, including arrival procedures and support services offered by Missouri State to ease the transition back-to-campus.”

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