Proposed Phase Four Recovery Ordinance with Mask Requirement Released for Public Comment

The Springfield City Council Monday night will consider an ordinance for Phase Four of the city’s “Road to Recovery” plan that will include a requirement for anyone in the city to wear a mask while in a public location.

The city’s proposed ordinance will include an order that requires anyone over 11 years of age to wear a face mask in public. In any public place, masks would be required of all employees and any visitors, including while standing in line to enter a facility.

The following exceptions would be permitted:

  • Children under age 3;
  • Children 3 to 11 are strongly encouraged; but not required to wear a face covering; while under direct adult supervision;
  • Persons who have health conditions that prohibit wearing a face covering;
  • Persons who have trouble breathing, or are unconscious, incapacitated, or otherwise unable to remove the face covering without assistance;
  • Persons who are hearing impaired, or someone who is communicating with a person who is hearing impaired, where the ability to see the mouth is necessary for communication;
  • Persons who are at a place of Public Accommodation who are consuming food or drink while maintaining a physical distance from other groups of patrons of a least six feet, but such persons must wear a Face Covering while in waiting areas and while walking to and from seating or other parts of the premises;
  • Persons at a swimming pool;
  • Persons obtaining a service involving the face or nose which temporary removal of the face covering is necessary to perform the service;
  • Persons playing a sport or exercising;
  • People working in locations where face coverings increase risk of heat-related illnesses;
  • Persons who are outdoors while maintaining physical distancing of at least six feet, and persons outdoors closer than six feet to other members of their same household.

People who are found to have violated the ordinance can pay a fine of up to $100.

Business owners who fail to comply can be fined $100, but could also have their business license or other permits suspended or revoked.

Here is the proposed ordinance:


If you are a Springfield resident that wants to comment on the measure before City Council considers and votes on it, there are multiple options on the city’s website.

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