Evangel Has 90 Heart of America Scholar-Athletes

by Philip Dowden

For a third consecutive year, the Evangel University athletic department saw the number of student-athletes honored by the Heart of America Athletic Conference as Scholar-Athletes increase with more than 90 represented for the 2018-19 academic year. 

Evangel was one of three institutions to have more than 90 academic standouts with the conference average sitting at 70.  

In order to qualify for this honor, a student-athlete must have earned a 3.40-grade point average (on a 4.0 scale), have accumulated at least 60 semester hours, at least five semesters, and attending the nominating institution for at least two semesters prior to being nominated. 

The student-athlete must also be a varsity competitor having made a significant contribution to their respective team and school. 

Below is the complete list of Evangel student-athletes. 

Name, Sport, Major 

Darrius Lee, Football, Finance 

Zeke Kuyawa, Football, Biology 

Kade Kelley, Football, Exercise Science 

Andrew Poppen, Football, Accounting, Finance 

Garrett McGuire, Football, Management 

Pierce Smith, Football, Finance 

Caden Robinson, Football, Accounting, Spanish 

Joshua Pipkin, Football, Social Science Education 

Chance Hepola, Football, Government 

Taylor Nixon, Football, Exercise Science 

Noah Williams, Football, Marketing 

Nicos Oropeza, Football, Biology 

Allen Taylor, Football, Finance 

Samuel Morton, Football, Management 

Brady Leffingwell, Football, Criminal Justice 

Triston Shepherd, Football, Business Education 

Ryder Grantham, Football, Indoor Track, Biology 

Tylar Prestidge-Murry, Football, Indoor Track, Marketing 

Zachary Sutt, Men’s Basketball, Physical Education 

Christopher Stocks, Men’s Basketball, Exercise Science 

Nate Davis, Men’s Basketball, Finance 

Benjamin Johnson, Men’s Soccer, Management, Marketing 

Keaton Amstutz, Men’s Soccer, Biology 

Ian Creech, Men’s Soccer, Computer Science 

Vinicius Albino, Men’s Soccer, Sport management 

Shane Burns, Men’s XC/Track & Field, Computer Science 

Matthew McHenry, Men’s XC/Track & Field, Biology 

Jonathan Dasal, Men’s XC/Track & Field, Math Education 

Emma Lander, Women’s Men’s Basketball, Biblical Studies, English 

Kendra Ennes, Women’s Men’s Basketball, Social Science Education 

Anne Anibal, Women’s Men’s Basketball, Biology 

Kylee Moore, Women’s Men’s Basketball, Elementary Education 

Lexie Vaught, Women’s Men’s Basketball, Allied Health 

Amber Ellis, Women’s Men’s Soccer, Allied Health 

Sedona Townsend, Women’s Men’s Soccer, Allied Health 

Danyelle Sutton, Women’s Men’s Soccer, Allied Health 

Rachel Williams, Women’s Men’s Soccer, Elementary Education 

Ashley Ard, Women’s Men’s Soccer, Health Care 

Sarah Beach, Women’s Men’s Soccer, Nonprofit Business & Social Enterprise 

Brooke Pigneri, Women’s Men’s Soccer, Marketing 

Caitlyn Cox, Women’s Men’s Soccer, Athletic Training 

Brooklyn Barnett, Women’s Men’s Soccer, Marketing 

Shannon Vickery, Women’s Men’s Soccer, Allied Health 

Meredith Weik, Women’s Men’s Soccer, Finance 

Olivia Bates, Women’s Men’s Soccer, Health Care 

Maya Davidson, Women’s Men’s Soccer, Elementary Education 

Makayla Stephen, Women’s Volleyball, Sport Management 

Jorden Stacey, Women’s Volleyball, Elementary Education 

Kristen Johnson, Women’s Volleyball, Allied Health 

Bridget Petersen, Women’s Volleyball, Spanish, Intercultural Studies 

Kelsey Arnold, Women’s Volleyball, Marketing 

Victoria Fishback, Women’s Volleyball, Allied Health 

Daisy Eklund, Women’s Volleyball, Psychology 

Emily Standage, Women’s XC/Track & Field, Elementary Education 

Ashley Weidenaar, Women’s XC/Track & Field, Social Work 

Taylor Cruzado, Women’s XC/Track & Field, Digital Arts 

Leslie Perona, Women’s XC/Track & Field, Elementary Education 

Jordan Fiorani, Women’s XC/Track & Field, Biblical Studies, Social Science 

Dill, Austin, Baseball – Roster, Sport Management 

Gaul, Patrick, Baseball – Roster, Social Science Education 

Hancock, Hunter, Baseball – Roster, Exercise Science 

Jarrell, Jason, Baseball – Roster, Allied Health 

Roberts, Joseph, Baseball – Roster, Criminal Justice 

DeWitt, Grant, Cross Country – Roster, Middle School Education 

Brown, Jake, Golf – Men’s -Roster, Government 

Gibby, Zachary, Golf – Men’s -Roster, Computer Science 

Smith, Logan, Golf – Men’s -Roster, Accounting 

Carpenter, AJ, Softball – Roster, Allied Health 

Garton, Mia, Softball – Roster, Accounting 

Good, Taylor, Softball – Roster, Accounting 

Halbrook, Jenna, Softball – Roster, Social Work 

Holt, Kami, Softball – Roster, Art 

Lange, Hailey, Softball – Roster, Business Education 

Lokey, Marissa, Softball – Roster, Elementary Education 

Morris, Amy, Softball – Roster, Biology 

Noble, Anah, Softball – Roster, Early Childhood Education 

Perry, Brooke, Softball – Roster, Elementary Education 

Steward, Elizabeth, Softball – Roster, Health Care 

Burns, Shane, Track & Field – Men’s – Roster, Computer Science 

Dasal, Jonathan, Track & Field – Men’s – Roster, Mathematics Education 

DeWitt, Grant, Track & Field – Men’s – Roster, Middle School Education 

Farmer, David, Track & Field – Men’s – Roster, Exercise Science 

Gifford, Jalen, Track & Field – Men’s – Roster, Film and Broadcasting 

McHenry, Matthew, Track & Field – Men’s – Roster, Biology 

Blain, Cailey, Golf – Women’s – Roster, Elementary Education 

Martinez, Maya, Golf – Women’s – Roster, Criminal Justice 

Morris, Kayla, Golf – Women’s – Roster, Biology 

Nall, Abigail, Golf – Women’s – Roster, Computer Science 

Oathout, Emma, Golf – Women’s – Roster, Pre-Engineering 

Voelker, Abby, Golf – Women’s – Roster, Psychology 

Anibal, Anne, Track & Field – Women’s -Roster, Biology 

Bilyeu, Baylee, Track & Field – Women’s -Roster, Biology Education 

Muzart, Anastasia, Track & Field – Women’s -Roster, Allied Health 

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