Dixie Outfitters Removes Outside Decorations; Dual Protests Face Off Saturday

Dixie Outfitters in Branson has redecorated on the outside of the building, with most of the confederate imagery removed and the replica of the General Lee removed from the parking lot.

Those changes provided the backdrop for dueling protests Saturday afternoon between Black Lives Matter and those who are supporting Dixie Outfitters and their promotion of the Confederate Flag.

Branson Police arrested one man wearing a “White Lives Matter” in the only arrest of the day, on a charge of disturbing the peace. At the highest point, about 150 people were on each side of the protest.

The Black Lives Matter protesters say the owners of Dixie Outfitters have connections to the KKK, and are actively promoting hate to the community, which shouldn’t be seen in a town that promotes itself as a family-friendly destination.

The counter-protesters say it’s about heritage and not hate, about freedom, and about their rights to express their views without censorship. There were also claims that the BLM supporters were socialists and communists who want to take away American pride and patriotism.

One woman on the Dixie Outfitters side was caught on video by Nikki Ogle of KY3 yelling at the black protesters to “go back to Africa” and pointing out a black protester with a megaphone to “wrap a rebel flag around him…kill him.”

The new signage outside Dixie Outfitters reads “Believe in America.” The store’s main sign still contains the Confederate Flag. Confederate Flag memorabilia can be seen through the store’s windows.

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