Woman in Dixie Outfitters Video Issues Apology

Kathy Jenkins, the woman seen in a viral video saying she would teach her grandchildren to hate and professed support for the KKK, has issued an apology in a video call made to local television station KOLR-10.

Jenkins spoke to KOLR-10 reporter David Chasanov Wednesday from what was called an “undisclosed location.”

“I am very, very sorry for everything that’s been happening,” Jenkins told Chasanov. “That’s not me, and that’s not who I am, and I want people to understand that.”

Jenkins told Chasanov that she’s been fired from her job, been the target of threats, and that’s she left her Branson home of six years.

Jenkins also claims that she was there chanting “Black lives matter” along with the protesters of Dixie Outfitters.

When Chasanov asked Jenkins why she had the Confederate Flag, she pauses and then said it was given to her.

“It was given to me on the property and..I just got so angry it happened,” Jenkins said. “Obviously I don’t understand the whole Confederate flag thing and that’s something I’ve been learning for the last couple of days, the meaning of the Confederate flag.”

She said she thought the flag was about uniting people, and that the Confederate flag meant hate. She said she’s learning.

Jenkins also claims she only made the KKK comment to mock the people yelling at her, because she didn’t like being called a racist.

One of the organizers of the Black Lives Matter protest outside Dixie Outfitters, Faith Pittser, posted on her Facebook page that she doesn’t believe a word that came out of Jenkins’s mouth.

“She isn’t sorry about what she did. She’s sorry she got caught,” Pittser posted. “I never once heard black lives matter come out of her mouth, she was there from the beginning supporting the store and obviously the kkk as she herself said. You know what you meant and you know what the kkk is and what they represent. Don’t act ignorant now because you’re getting attention for being racist. (Also no one was screaming in anyone’s face.) if you were there to support black lives matter why were you on their side, with their flag, supporting the kkk verbally?”

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