Branson’s Dixie Outfitters Calls Black Lives Matter Protesters “Thugs”

In a social media posting, Dixie Outfitters in Branson has called the Black Lives Matter protesters who lined up outside their store this weekend “thugs” and claimed they “hate our country.”

The store thanked their supporters and the Branson police department for being at the event before they began their insults of the protesters.

“They hate patriotism, faith and freedom!” Dixie Outfitters wrote. “But God still reigns over Branson, MO!”

The posting comes after a viral video of a Dixie Outfitters supporter telling BLM protesters she would teach her grandchildren to hate them and expressing support for the KKK made national headlines, including having Branson be a top trending topic on twitter, and having national social and political figures condemn her statements.

The social media posting drew both positive and negative comments for the business.

“We love your store we make a point to go to ur store everytime we are in Branson it like our family tradition . Stay strong,” wrote Alisha Crook.

“My son wouldn’t even want to go to Branson without your store! We would drive from Chetopa KS to back you guys!!!” wrote Christy Miller Best.

“Don’t give in like Nascar and everybody else has been doing. Stay strong! I’ve been to your store and its awesome. We’ll be there to shop next time we’re in Branson #heritagenothate” posted Cindy Mizell.

“Prayer for what country? You fly a flag of traitors not patriots. Oh and like the British, YOU LOST!” wrote Traci Rydbom Monroe posted.

“YOU HATE OUR COUNTRY AND YOUR MERCHANDISE REPRESENTS TREASON! Literally anti-American. If you don’t like it – you can leave. We’d be better off without you and your ignorance,” Meghan Phillips wrote.

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