Branson Mayor Responds to Racist Woman’s Viral Video

Branson was the focus of worldwide attention on Monday but not because of a positive reason: a video of an openly racist woman in front of the Dixie Outfitters store was being spread across the internet.

Branson Mayor Edd Akers released a statement to the press regarding the video showing a woman informing Black Lives Matter protesters she would raise her grandchildren to hate them:

“The City of Branson does not condone any type of hate speech. We have seen approximately seven demonstrations since May 30, all of which have been peaceful with no significant issues. The majority of the people of Branson are welcoming, open, and neighborly citizens. Many here have a strong moral background with servant’s hearts and a spirit of hospitality. We welcome all to come and experience our friendly town,” Akers wrote.

The video caused Branson to be a trending topic on Twitter all day Monday, with many people commenting that they would not travel to the city until action was taken against “racism” in the city.

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