CoxHealth Announces Preoperative COVID-19 Testing

CoxHealth announced that they will begin preoperative testing for COVID-19 prior to all surgeries and select procedures.

The decision is not only for CoxHealth hospitals, but all facilities.

“CoxHealth began testing high-risk patients as the COVID pandemic began, but as we see prevalence in our community start to rise, we feel we must know whether or not all of our patients are infected with coronavirus prior to surgery or procedures,” Karen Kramer, CHO and CoxHealth’s Incident Commander for COVID-19 response, said in a statement. “It is important that we have this information so proper precautions may be taken if someone is infected, and help ensure the virus is not transferred to others.”

Patients will be notified in advance where they need to appear for testing. The testing will take place three days before a scheduled surgery or procedure, then patients will be asked to quarantine at home until their procedure.

CoxHealth officials said they do not have a timetable for ending the testing.

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